Chinese Archaelogical Art – Historical Information

With book production the amount of archaeological finds and historical art, information has grown significantly with illustrated volumes and thus given us a better understanding and appreciation of nature and new discoveries in China.

The conclusion has emerged that there are problems with regard the identification and classification of Ancient Jade compared to Jades of recent centuries.

In recent times these been nothing less than sensational in scale and importance.  The revelation is that they bring on highly advanced ancient, neolithic cultures which are now identified at sites across China which constitutes some of the the most significant archaelogical finds ever seen in Asia.

Some of these cultures date back to 5500BC. Modern scientific methods have established the existence of various jades showing originality and extremely advanced workmanship, which contradicts previous ideas about ancient Chinese culture.

Some aspects of Chinese culture have been reviewed and rewritten.  It is beyond doubt that a range of familiar forms, skills and methods are of more ancient antiquity than were originally thought.

“The Age of Jade” which scholars speak of, preceded and in ways heralded and inspired the coming of the “Bronze Age” and is also referred to as Archaic Jade.

Every year brings forth fresh discoveries and detailed studies of this ancient jade which has become a preoccupation for many.

If you are serious about or have an interest in Archaic Jade you will be eager to see various exhibitions around the globe.

Jades of the later centuries have not been illuminated to such bright effects by archaeologists, understandably, in times when burial customs and beliefs no longer imposed a need to bury Archaic Jade in tombs.

Because Jade is so hard, little change occurs on the surface even over centuries.

To date there is no scientific method, such as carbon-14 dating or thermoluminescence dating, which assist determine age within a few centuries on most objects other than Jade.

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