My interest in jade carvings began a a young teenager after attending auctions with my mother back in the 70’s.

They say that if you spend enough time with something and study it long enough and read enough about the subject then you end up knowing a good deal about the topic.

I am pleased to say that I not only have a great deal of interest and respect for this particular stone, but my family and I have been collecting it for many years. I go as much to say that because of my interest I created a niche market for the sales of it in my hometown of Hobart where I was fortunate enough to have a display cabinet in an antique shop in Bathurst Street called Dewitt Antiques.

When the antique shop finally closed over 15 years ago, I stopped selling my Jade Carvings but kept increasing the family collection, often gifting pieces to my relatives or buying on their behalf.

The Ivory/Bone Meiji Warrior I sold at a local auction house Gowans Auctions in mid-2013, was purchased by an interstate buyer who promptly shipped it to the US market where it realized a price at auction of $40,000 US.

Come with me on a journey with a great deal of information about Jade Carving, Bronze statues, cloisonne and how it is made as well as concise information on Chinese Dynasties, Bone carvings, and Mammoth Ivory.

I support Wildlife Preservation Societies and any money I make for my writings on Hubpages, a percentage is donated toward assisting these underfunded organizations in the quest to conquer the poachers killing our elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, walrus and many other endangered species.

I hope you join me on my journey.