Chinese Dynastic Chart


PREHISTORIC 3 Sovereigns and 5 Emperors  


Xia (Hsia) Painted Pottery Culture (Yang-Shao)
Black Pottery Culture (Lung Shan)
Xia (Hsia) Dynasty C2000-1600
Shang Dynasty C1600-1046BCE
Zhou (Chou) Dynasty C1045-256 BCE
Western Zhou Dynasty C1066-771 BCE
Eastern Zhou Dynasty C  770-256 BCE
Spring and Autumn Period C  770-476 BCE
Warring States Period C  475-221 BCE
Qin (Ch’in) Dynasty     221-207 BCE
Han Dynasty  206BC-220 AD
Western Han
Xin Dynasty
Eastern Han
Three Kingdoms – Period of Disunion 220-280 AD
Wei, Shu and Wu (Six Dy) during this time
Jin Dynasty 265-420 AD
Western Jin 16 Kingdoms

304-439 AD

Eastern Jin
Southern & Northern Dynasties 420-589 AD
Sui Dynasty 589-618 AD
T’ang Dynasty 618-906 AD
(Second Zhou 690-705)
Five Dynasties and 10 Kingdoms 907-960 AD
Liao Dynasty 907-1125AD
Song Dynasty 960-1279AD
Northern Song W. Xia
Southern Song Jin
Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368AD
Ming Dynasty 1368-1644AD
Qing Dynasty 1644-1911
Republic of China 1912-1949
People’s Republic of China 1949-present