Jade Brown Qilin or Kylin


Jade Brown Kylin

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Jade Brown Kylin

This Qilin is in beautiful condition and carved by a master craftsman.

The Qilin, kylin, bixie, tianlu or kirin is a Chinese and other East Asian Culters’s mythical hooved beast or chimerical creature known in Asian cultures to appear with the arrival or passing of an illustrious ruler or sage. Their features are dragon like.  There heads have eye with thick eyelashes, and flowing manes and beards that go upward. Their body is scaled and ox or horse shaped. They have cloven hooves and their depictions often fused with our concept of the unicorn and fondly named Unicorn Beasts.

The Qilin is a good omen for prosperity or serentity and often depicted with what looks like fire over its’ body.

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